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Build any workflow in Rollout and integrate with over 200 apps to automate your manual processes. We'll share best-practice templates to hire better, onboard faster, retain longer and more.

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Engineering recruiting
Recruiting workflow for startups without an ATS
Interview training
Train engineers to interview and track who can be added to the interview rotation
Interview calibration
An exercise to ensure your interviewers are scoring candidates the same way
Schedule + Questions reminders
Send interview schedules and pre-approved questions & criteria to your interviewers when they have interviews
Personalized messages at offer
Close more candidates by having all your interviewers send a personalized note to the candidate at the offer stage

Design any workflow with powerful building blocks

Combine tasks, forms, variables, conditional logic, loops, automated actions and more to model any workflow using our no-code interface.

Build systems to scale your team

Create powerful checklists and avoid errors. Share templates and have your team operate consistently. Track workflows and optimize them.

More flow, less coordination

Rollout coordinates with your teammates when its their turn to complete a task in the tools they already use like Slack. We can also collect inputs, get approvals, manage task dependencies and collaborate cross-functionally.

Automate everything and increase output

Rollout integrates with over 200 web apps including making & receiving web requests. Connect to all your work tools to trigger workflows or automate actions like creating a Jira ticket.

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