Design and automate any workflow in minutes

Use our no-code app to build your workflow or get started with a template. Automate via integrations and enjoy seamless task handoffs.

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Design any flow

Rollout gives you simple but powerful no-code building blocks.

Combine tasks, forms, automations and more to create any workflow you can imagine.

Turn your workflows into apps

Take your workflow logic and build a template that you can reuse.

Share workflows with your company so everyone is operating the same way.

Automate everything

Automate actions in Gmail, Slack, Sheets and many more using our integrations.

Customize each automation by combining them with variables, forms, decisions and other building blocks.

Dynamic paths

Use if-this-then-that logic to build multiple paths into your workflow.

Decisions allow you to collect approvals or choose an option and enable your workflows to adapt.

Effortless handoffs

Rollout notifies your team of their tasks where they already work.

Get more done while Rollout coordinates work with your team for you.